How I Use Hot Curlers

Monday, January 16, 2012
Ok, so is it "hot curlers" or "hot rollers"? I'm guilty of interchanging both terms... but I'm just curious as to which is most widely used.
I keep wanting to say "rollers" in all the titles for the current video/post/tweets on the subject.
...and something always tells me to go with "curlers".

Ok, enough with the words, Tiffany.
I really love using hot rollers/curlers. I mastered the use of them early in my high school years and never looked back. So much so that the thought of using of a curling iron was crazy to me. (I didn't learn to use one of those babies until just a few years ago.) Anyway, I find that knowing how to use both is a good thing because they actually yield much different results.
I love using a curling iron when I have some extra time on my hands to get ready and when I want more defined, deliberate, "vertical" looking curls.
When I only have about five to ten minutes on my hands to actually mess with my hair, I go with hot curlers. I can get these babies in my hair in five minutes, then do my makeup and finish getting ready while they "set" in my hair. I love them. The result? Beautiful, soft curls that last all day.
To see exactly how I use mine and to get some tips on how to get the best results from them, check out my tutorial below.

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