Perfect False Lashes Tutorial

Tuesday, December 13, 2011
Applying false lashes can be tricky.
Tutorials on the process can make it seem even trickier.
Trust me. I've posted a few false lash tutorials in my day that make the process seem pretty intense, I'm sure.
Let's face it, this one will probably seem intense too. haha

Basically, I wanted to do a false lash video that not only showed the process of getting the lashes prepped (glue, trimming, etc.) and applying them, but also showed the steps after. Which to me, are the most important.
Just because when I apply lashes, a few tricks I do afterward really make the lashes look amazing. There's nothing worse than taking the time to apply them, and then seeing gaps in the lashes or being able to see the "track". It ruins the whole look.
So check out the video below for all the tips you need to apply false lashes flawlessly and some tricks to keep them going strong all day and night.

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