NEW Urban Decay "Naked 2" Palette & Original Comparison

Wednesday, December 7, 2011
As most of you all know, the Urban Decay Naked palette has been a long-time favorite of mine.

As most of you all
also know, I don't really accept "freebies" all that often, so when it was released to a lot of bloggers, I just wasn't into it.

I've got to say, when I heard there was going to be a second version released, I was a bit skeptical. I really felt like the original should kind of be left to stand alone. Surprisingly, I was not interested.
I know, crazy.

Then I started thinking.... I need this just because my readers will be curious about it! So then, my curiosity started to rise.
And last week, I ordered one for myself.

And I'm super happy I did :)

...other than the fact that the shade Half Baked is in both palettes. If they wanted to repeat a shade, it should have been Virgin, the best highlight shade ever. Or how about just make 12 totally different shades... haha

Here are my comparison photos and swatches of the original Naked and Naked 2 palettes. To see a full review and to hear my thoughts on the differences, each specific color, and packaging, check out my video at the bottom of the post.

original Naked (top), Naked 2 (bottom)

Naked 2

Yes, there is a swatch on the far left. It just doesn't show up on my skin because it matches

Original Naked Palette

**I ordered mine from the actual Urban Decay website. They sold out pretty quickly (uh, the day I ordered it... they apparently like seeing us squirm).
Which is kind of a genius marketing strategy. It makes everyone want them more.
I love Urban Decay, but seriously.
We all know Urban Decay is capable of creating enough palettes not to sell out, especially after the Naked madness during the original release (that went on for MONTHS). I really hope the whole restocking-selling out-restocking madness doesn't go on as long as it did last time so that all of you who want one can get one soon. After all, Urban Decay, I've got tutorials to make for my viewers, and if they want to buy one, they should be available. :)
You can also enter your email at the Urban Decay website and they'll let you know when they become available again, which is nice.
So no worries! Tutorials will come soon. I'm going to feel it out for a bit so that the tutorials don't just piss everyone off that wants one but don't have one due to the selling-out craze... haha So those will come when they're a little more readily-available.

Check out my full review below:

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